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The Full Story


Empire Utility is the safest, most efficient utilities construction contractor in the Northeastern United States.  We specialize in underground construction of broadband fiber and buried electrical networks. We are early adopters of technologies allowing us to plan better, work safer and achieve greater levels of accuracy and efficiency than our competitors.

Empire Utility and Excavation LLC was founded in 2021 to support a growing need for improvement to our nations infrastructure. Utilities are an essential artery to quality of life and we understand there is a necessity to improve access to information, clean drinking water, sufficient power and safe sanitation for everyone. While we specialize in underground utilities projects, we support residential construction and general municipal projects alike. Whether you're looking to supply power to new construction, repair a dilapidated septic system or install fiber optic cable into your home, Empire Utility is prepared to provide a cost effective and quality solution to your needs. Contact us today to see how we can support your next project!



"To enhance humanity by connecting communities to rich information, clean water, and sustainable energy"


"To be recognized as the first choice in general utilities construction, installation, and repair. A company of knowledgeable people exemplifying exceptional teamwork and unwavering determination to exceed customer expectations."

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